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issue in swaping page in nextion using arduino uno

when i am using the command page1.show(); when press any button it shows the following error and I can’t able to understand the issue…hope you will guide me …

Patrik (moderator/support):

Can’t understand the issue? You say the MCU is an UNO

… pop quiz:
– How many HardwareSerial ports does the UNO Datasheet say it has
– Which Serial port is used for back and forth to Nextion
– Which Serial port is used for the Arduino Serial Monitor
– Where is the library instruction section for configuring for an UNO
– What Library file contains the Serial configuration

So how did you configure your setup?
– what is the wiring diagram?


Arduino have one hardware serial port…

Nextion communicate with arduino using hardware serial and using Arduino nextion library to communicate with it…

#59 Nextion Display Tutorial #2: Create your own Application - YouTube follow this tutorial step by step and changes the library for the arduino and do the programming acording to this tutorial but in result i get the above issue…

hope you understand…and thank you soo much for your interest…:wink:

Gerry (moderator/support):

when using YouTube as “technical reference”, you should ask the author of this “reference” for assistance …


Programming an MCU is exacting nature needing logic and basic understandings. When you are missing basic understandings you research for so that you gain these understandings.

You have been stumbling for more than 2 weeks

Research TTL Serial
Read the UNO Datasheet, sure it is 100’s of pages.
Read the Nextion Instruction Set
Read up on Arduino C++
Read the library code until you understand it.

Mistakes such as Tutorial for ESP8266 when you have UNO
Mistakes such as trying to use the one Serial twice (not best choice)
No understanding of “boxes” (ASCII unprintable characters)
No understanding of TTL Serial
Failure for CRLF Line Ending in Serial Monitor Nextion does not use
Mistakes of not configuring library as per readme.md
– changes to NexConfig.h and NexHardware.cpp as per instructions.

You need time to read and understand what you are using
Such is not cut copy and paste from someone else’s work
– this path leads to their project using their materials
You do not have their materials, you have a different MCU.

Better logic is required to have success, take time to read.

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